Silent Cacophony – Headspace – 11th November

As we find ourselves at the eve before the hard work of all who have participated and contributed to Silent Cacophony unfolds I thought I would make a record of my headspace in the calm before the storm.

It is a special thing being part of a Platform-7 event, my first being the Catford Blockbusters Tapescape intervention. It’s always great to get to work with so many interesting people, friends old and new.
It has been a somewhat overwhelming experience on this event in particular, first of all seeing the readiness of so many talented artists wanting to get involved and putting forward very interesting work, seeing the overarching theme of perceived silence during times of conflict interpreted, expanded upon and pulled into a number of different angles.
Sculptures to poetry, musical performances to automated type writer I am truly blown away.
It has then been amazing to see so many venues and councils getting on board, going above and beyond to facilitate the many varied works.

I want to wish everyone best of luck tomorrow in their installations, exhibitions, interventions, performances and showings, I will be passing by as many pieces as I can tomorrow, savouring the experiences and trying to get some good photos.

I am now waiting in anticipation, taking a moment of personal silence before tomorrow.

Thank you all.

Bellow is my rough schedule:

10:30 – Ben Burtenshaw & Tess Faria – Deptford Anchor, Deptford High Street
11:00 – Lurker -  36 Little V2 Rockets, Shardeloes Rd, New Cross
12:00 – Camille Desmarest & Gary James – Live Dance, Greenwich Station
1:00 – x-name – Observing Witness, Upper North Street, Poplar
2:00-3:00 – Natasha Reid, Carter Lane Gardens,
Isabel White, 61 Farringdon Road,
Terry Duffy, Holborn Library
4:45 – Daniel Jack McClennan, Tate Britain
5:30 – Nancy Esposito & Liam Donovan, St Bride Institute

Go here for a map of events taking place

Silent Cacophony from Kai Clear on Vimeo.

Long time, no internet

So hey!

It’s been a long time since the last update, sorry for that but I’ve had something of a social media detox over the past months.

So what has been going on I imagine you might be asking?

Harmergeddon have been keeping up our ‘at least one gig a month’ schedule for the past six months, having played a variety of shows including the legendary MS Stubnitz, The Horse Hospital, Noise=Noise and Lewisham Arthouse. We have met new friends, incredible artists, musicians and enthusiasts.

We have collaborated with the brilliant Guillaume Vallée and Crystal Basan of the Montreal art collective Groop Index on an audio/visual piece The Blue Of Noon which has had an exclusive VHS release with our piece Moment by Moment. A handful of limited edition ‘blue cassette’ copies are also available. You can get your hands on it over here.

We are also having our audio/visual piece Moment by Moment shown at Exploding Cinema on the 27th. Check out the event page here.

We are currently working on our first EP release and putting together a video made from the footage we have collected gigging this year.

I have also played my first gig with Charles Hayward at The Question Market which was held at Lewisham Arthouse. We improvised a piece underscoring movement by Bridget Scott, we then played some South London Noise with Ashleigh Marsh on her VCS3, I got a great buzz from this night. There were also several short performances by Merlin Hayward (Nova Waves), definitely someone to catch if you get a chance.

That’s all that comes to mind at present, I shall sign off now and try not to leave it too long until the next post.


Here’s a teaser for The Blue Of Noon:

Excerpt : The Blue of Noon from Groop Index on Vimeo.

Experimental video based on Georges Bataille’s novel ”Le Bleu du Ciel”
Soundtrack by Harmergeddon



Farewell MS Stubnitz

So, MS Stubnitz has left Canary Wharf in favour of Dunkerque.

While I’m sad to see her go I’m thankful for all of the fun times we had together, playing both Exploding Cinemas Ship of Fools & Monsters and Hydroacoustics (which was headlined by the fantastic Helm and :Zoviet*France:).

I’m sure she and her crew will have many more fun times ahead.

You can see a timelapse of her journey from here to there over here.

Here are a few snippets of Harmergeddon on board from our show with Jonathan Pigram:

From Pigram’s Camera

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Harmergeddon @ Deptford Town Hall

Hello again internet.

Harmergeddon very much enjoyed playing @ Deptford Town Hall last month.
We were accompanied by the amazing Jonathan Pigram who added some beautifully surreal projections to the stage with his trademark live video feedback technique.

Here is a clip of the show taken from the feedback camera.

We will upload a version with better audio quality and varying camera angles as soon as we finish editing it.

Aftermath | Sinful Supper | Harmergeddon @ The Victoria

Harmergeddon had a great time playing Sinful Supper at The Victoria in Mile End on 3rd of Feb with the awesome Daniel Merrill. It was our first gig of 2013 so we decided to add a few new things to our set to shake things up and continue the evolution. Namely an early learning centre microphone/voice changer, some bowed fridge grate (check out my Sonic Art page for more on that) and the inclusion of audio material from a standard microphone (yes, I know, what a Maverick!).
This allowed us some fun playing with some off the cuff samples captured from Dan’s awesome Violin playing as well as allowing me to sing through some of the algorithms.

Here is a short video excerpt of the last few minutes of the first set taken by Tomoroh Hidari. He also wrote a nice article about the night on his blog Ivory Bunker.
Check it out, some very cool music there.

Visual/Audio/Visual Experiments

So I’ve been experimenting with some new techniques in sonifying visual media and the inverse.

I was inspired by Nam June Paik’s wobbulator an example of which can be seen here:

The Wobbulator from blair neal on Vimeo.


Without quite having the nerve to pull apart one of my CRT televisions and poke about with it’s high voltage interiors I decided to begin my explorations in the digital domain.

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Harmergeddon Silence and Noise Aftermath

Thanks to all who came down to Silence and Noise @ Power Lunches. It was a fantastic night of interesting sounds and we had a lot of fun!

We were also pleased to find out we had been reviewed by Sam Ludford over on his Scrolldust blog.
Here’s what he had to say:

“After a short break was Harmergeddon, with a set somewhat more anarchic in nature. Their chosen medium was billed intriguingly as ‘consumer electronics’, and this was no word of a lie: one half of the duo was on laptop duties while the other crawled around with a pickup hunting static and other signals from a variety of broadcasting devices: an old TV, a router, a VCR player, a big pile of disembowelled video tape. These sounds were layered with those coming from the laptop, blending into a fast-moving collage of noises shunted aside by the digital age. The concentrated interaction with all these raggedy electronics gave the piece an air of performance art, appealing to some part of the brain that had lain dormant during the pure sonics beforehand.”

The review of the whole night can be read here

Harmergeddon Silence and Noise
Picture taken by Yuval Gerstein

MinutiÆ Album is now for sale on Bandcamp

It’s been a long while from the making of this album to it’s release and all I can say is that sometimes life gets in the way, but finally here it is available in stereo as well as in it’s original octophonic state for the price of just £5.

There are three tracks in total all wholly improvised using the MinutiÆ performance environment, a selection of 5 years worth of field recordings, a Yamaha Disklavier Piano and a Playstation 3 Sixaxis controller.

The simplicity of this control over what could have been a very complicated set up allowed me to reach a deep state of mindful meditation within each improvisation.

The stereo mix was created by recording the playing back of the original recordings on an octophonic setup with two Neumann U87′s placed in the center.